When you contact me for help, then i am going to take account of the information you will be sending to me after you have ordered your spell here on my website. Every detail of your story is exciting because the solution is right here with me in this temple. And after i have your information, then i am going to put them inside the tavern of my oracle, and then put them inside the burning pot for the ancestors to take charge of the situation, before i can start in the spell casting in proper. because it's also helps me to cast your spell in accordance with your very needs. do not come here and play with my time and powers.

When I have determined to cast a spell for you that fits with your case, then I will get ready for your spell. Normally, all items and materials are always available in the Ancestral Market where the items are been sold, but after the consultation for you, then i will have to order some specific material  which will be used in casting the spell for you. To ensure that your spell is going to work.

When the spell is cast, you have nothing to do but to wait confidently and with assurance for the results to come. because its 100% Guaranteed. Generally, It takes from 24 HOURS to 2 or 4 days, due to the type of spell you order here in my temple. But at times it can be slower, depending on the complicatedness of the situation. During this stage, I always keep in contact with my clients, because they are not always familiar with the spell procedure, and tell them what to do.